Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait: Erk M. Cottrell (1892-1918)

Today's Portrait:

Erk M. Cottrell   (not a spelling mistake)
b. 24 Mar 1892 North Star, Darke, Ohio
d. 09 Oct 1918 France (WWI)

I love these pictures but at the same time, the one on the right totally creeps me out! He goes from super happy, chubby baby to "I'm gonna murder you in your sleep!" ...just sayin' :)

How I'm related to Erk:

Carrie Jeckering Smith (Me)
My Parents
Harold Earl Mendenhall & Helen Ruth Seaver
Earl Dwight Mendenhall & Edna Grace Niles
Marion Richard Mendenhall & Louella Munn
Richard Mendenhall & Margaret F. Pierron
Richard was my 3rd great grandfather. He and Margaret had a daughter- Mary Lydia Mendenhall.
Mary married James Asher Cottrell and their son was:
Erk Cottrell ---1st cousin, 3x removed

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