Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun (On Sunday)

It's time for another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Randy's Genea-Musings! Last night's challenge- Photographs Through the Generations:

1) How many generations do you have photographs or portraits of your ancestors and descendants?  It can be any just can't be broken!

2) Tell us the line, or better yet, show us the unbroken line. Provide birth-death years, and the approximate date that the photo was made.

3) Share your generation picture line in a blog post of your own, or in a Google+ or Facebook post, or in a comment to this post.

Here's mine! (I love this challenge!!)

1) My 3rd Great Grandfather: Gerhard J. Jeckering (1829-1898)- Immigrated from Germany- photo was taken in the 1880's I think.

2) My 2nd great grandfather: Joseph Herman Jeckering (1870-1931) of Dayton, Ohio- I'm not sure when this photo was taken.

3) My Great Grandfather: Gerhard Cletus Jeckering (1900-1967) of Dayton, Ohio- This is a portrait of he and his wife Josephine at their 50th wedding anniversary (I think).

4) My Grandfather- Paul George Jeckering (1925-1954) of Dayton, Ohio. I think this is a picture from high school- abt 1944

5) My Father- Michael Lee Jeckering (1950- Living). This is high school graduation year book photo- 1969.

6) Me: Carrie Jeckering Smith- this picture was taken last year- 2013

7) My one descendant (so far): Jack- this picture was taken last month- 2014


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    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun- great challenge :)

  2. How neat! I should've done this challenge, but it just seemed like a lot of work. :) Great job!