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Surname Saturday: Munn

Louella Ida "Ella" Munn (1872-1958) was my 2nd great grandmother. She married Marion Richard Mendenhall (1873-1948) on 12 Aug 1893 and they had 3 children. 

John Park Munn and Family

Her parents: John Park Munn (1841-1908) & Caroline Beams (1844-1900)
G-parents: Silas Munn (1800-1884) & Sarah Park (1808-1872)
2xG-parents: Thomas A Munn (1778-1850) & Mary Wolcott (1779-1869)
3xG-parents: Isaac Munn (1749-1811) & Mary Baldwin (1751-1820)
4xG-parents: Joseph Munn (1721-1815) & Sarah Williams (1724-1798)
5xG-parents: John Munn (1682-1745) & Mary Richards (1704-1763)
6xG-parents: John Munn (1652-1684) & Abigail Parsons (1666-1689)
7xG-parents: Benjamin Munn (1619-1675) & Abigail Burt (1623-1707)

Benjamin and Abigail both came to America from England.


"All U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s results for Munn":

There are 1,549 results- too many to list, but here are a few:

Name                   Birth Year         Arrival Year       Arrival Place

Munn                                              1607-1657         America
Margt Munn                                    1663                 Virginia
Mathew Munn                                 1663                  Maryland
Jno Munn                                        1665-1666         Virginia
Jno Munn                                        1678                  Virginia
Munn                                               1695                  Virginia
Alexander Munn                              1713                   Boston, Mass.

I was surprised to find that there are 6,670 individuals with the surname Munn on this website. I thought there would be less for some reason.

This history of the name Munn began after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name is a reference to the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066- Moion, near St. Lo, Normandy. 

Spelling Variations: Moyon, Moion, Mohun, Moyne, Munn, Munns, Munson, Munton, Mwn, Mun, Munds, Mouns, Muns, Munnes, Munnson, Munnsen, Munning and more!

Contemporary Notables of the name Munn:

~Harold Warner Munn (1903-1981)- American writer of fantasy, horror and poetry.
~Olivia Munn (b. 1980)- American actress, model, and television personality.
~John Calvin Munn (1906-1986)- 8th Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and United States Naval Aviator.
~Lisa Olivia Munn (b. 1980), American comedic actress and model.
~Allison Munn (b. 1974), American Actress.

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