Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Random Research

Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday!

On April 19, Randy from Genea-Musings posted a challenge- Do Some Random Research. I love research so I'm excited to do this challenge!

Here's the challenge: 

1) Go to the Random Name Generator and click on the red "Generate Name" button at the top of the screen. You can pick any random name that is generated in successive tries if you don't like or don't want to research the first name generated. 

2) Go to Ancestry.com and enter your generated name in the search box on the main search page. If you don't have Ancestry.com, go to http://www.familysearch.org/ and do it there- it's free.

3) From the results, your research target will be the first census result for your generated name. 

4) Using whatever online resources are at your disposal, see what else you can discover about your random person and write about it. It can be a formal report complete with footnotes, or just a "research story" about what you tried, problems you overcame, or success you had. Maybe you want to create a research plan for practice?

5) Post about it on your own blog, as a comment on this post, or in a comment on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. 

My Results:

1. My Randomly generated name: Blair Kelly

2. I will use Ancestry.com

3. The first census that came up for this name was Blair D. Kelly- 1940 Census- age 64 (b. 1876- in Illinois), white male, living in Ferris, Hancock, Illinois, Occupation- Doctor. He was single, living with James L. Williams (68)- a lodger who was also a blacksmith. 

4. All other results for this person:

a. 1880 Census- (age 4)- living in Dallas, Hancock, Illinois with his parents and siblings. 

Allison Kelly--(44)-- Farmer
Fannie Kelly--(37)--Keeping House
Hallie Kelly (11)
Mary Kelly (9)
George Kelly (6)
Blair Kelly (4)

b. 1900 Census-(age 24)- Living in Dallas, Illinois with father and siblings (mother appears to have passed away). Blair is single. 

Alison G. Kelly (64)--Farmer
Hallie Kelly (31)-- House Keeper
Mary R. Kelly (28)--School Teacher
Blair Kelly (24)--Farm Laborer
Cordelia Ward (30) (Boarder)--School Teacher

~~What is interesting about this census is that the Kelly Family is the 3rd family to be listed. the 1st family listed is a Mendenhall family (a prominent name in my family tree!)

Owen Mendenhall b. Mar 1820 (80) Indiana-- Farmer
Elizabeth Mendenhall b. Aug 1833 (66) Missouri
Carl Mendenhall b. Aug 1868 (31) Illinois
Ernest Mendenhall b. Dec 1870 (29) Illinois
Mabel Mendenhall b. Jul 1873 (26) Illinois 
Martha E. Mendenhall (Daug-in-law) b. Sep 1881 (18) Kansas

Turns out, this Blair Kelly was a neighbor to my 2nd cousin, 7x removed- Owen Mendenhall (1820-1902)!!! Crazy!!!!

c. 1910 Census- Blair Kelly (age 34)- living alone, single- living on Sycamore St. in Rock Creek, Hancock, Illinois. He is a physician, general practice.

d. 1920 Census- Blair Kelly (age 43)- Same as 1910.

e. 1930 Census- Blair Kelley (age 54)- Living alone, single in Rock Creek- Occupation- Doctor- Medical

It appears that Blair never married or had children. I couldn't find him in any other documents or in any member trees. 

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