Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday Night Fun-- on Sunday lol

I always love Randy's (Genea-Musings) Saturday Night Fun! 

Last night's challenge- Where Were They 100 Years Ago?

1) Determine where your ancestral families were on 19 July 1914- 100 years ago

2) List them, their family members, their birth years, and their residence location (as close as possible). Do you have a photograph of their residence from about that time, and does the residence still exist? 

3) Tell us all about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status or Google+ Stream post. 

Here's Mine: 

~My 2nd great grandparents- Joseph Herman Jeckering (born 1870) and Rose A (Horn) Jeckering (born 1872) were living at 630 McLain St. in Dayton Ohio with 5 of their 7 children: Gerhard (born 1900), Cletus (born 1902), Martha (born 1906), Norbert (born 1908), and Elizabeth (born 1910). One child was born and died in 1912- stillborn, and then Irene (born 1913), died Jan 1914. The house is still standing today: 

Photo Courtesy- Google Maps

~My great grandmother- Josephine M. Dabuliewicz (born 1906) was living as Josephine Alexinas with John (born 1974) and Mary Alexinas (born 1880)- her adoptive parents and their son- George Alexinas (born 1905). Her father- Josef Dabuliewicz (born 1883) abandoned her after her mother died in 1913. I'm not exactly sure when Josephine went to stay with the Alexinas, but by the 1920 census, she was living with them at 616 Hark (?) Street. (The street name is questionable because the census was a little hard to read). I don't know if the house is still there or not. 

~My great grandparents- Earl Dwight Mendenhall (born 1894) and Edna Grace (Miles) Mendenhall (born 1894)-- it is unsure where they were in 1914 or if they were even married yet. They didn't have their first child until 1916 and he was born in Dayton, Ohio. 

~My 2nd great grandparents- Frank Buchanon Seaver (born 1856) and Harriett Olive "Hester" (Watson) Seaver (born 1856) were most likely living at 67 Hillbury (?) Gravel Rd. in Johnson, Indiana with their two children: Cleo Rose (born 1893) and Otto Watson (born 1901). (I say most likely because this was taken from a 1910 census...I don't know specifically 1914).