Monday, July 28, 2014

Mappy Monday- Ramsbury, England

Thomas Mildenhall III (1630-1682), my 11th great grandfather, was born in Marridge Hill, England, married in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England, and buried in Ramsbury, England. 

Ramsbury England

Ramsbury, England is a parish in the English county of Wiltshire.The population (2001 census) is 1,969. The earliest written history of Ramsbury can be traced back to 909 AD. 

Ramsbury, England

Sites and popularity:

~Holy Cross church yard (or Church of England parish church of the Holy Cross) dates back to the 13th Century and still stands today. 

This churchyard is where my 11th great grandfather- Thomas Mildenhall III is buried. I would love to go visit someday so that I can see his grave.

There is also a local ghost story: according to local legend, if you count the hundred studs on the north door at midnight, it will open and the ghost of 'Wild' William Darrell of Littlecote House will come out. 

William Darrell of Littlecote (1539-1589) was an English Member of Parliament for the constituency of Downton in 1572. The whole story can be read here: Littlecote House.

~Littlecote Roman Villa (or Littlecote House)- a large Elizabethan county house and estate in Ramsbury. The estate includes 34 acres of historic parklands and gardens, including a walled garden from the 17th and 18th centuries. It was built during the 13th century.

Front of the House

Back of the House

~Fairs- Since the Middle Ages, Ramsbury has held an annual fair. During the middle ages, they held two- a Cattle Fair and a Hiring Fair- or Mop Fair-. The Cattle Fair ceased in 1939. Today, all the fairs have been replaced by a biennial Street Fair which takes place between the Square and the Memorial Hall. 

~The Tree- For centuries, Ramsbury was famous for a tree- a large wych-elm which stood at the Square. The tree is mentioned in a report in 1751. By the 1920's, it started dying.It eventually died in 1983 of Dutch Elm Disease, which had killed many trees. An Oak Sapling (sponsored by Portman Building Society) was planted to replace the old Tree.

~The Bell at Ramsbury- a restaurant at the Square- SN8 2PE. They serve Breakfast/Brunch- Price range is $19-57. 

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