Friday, July 4, 2014

~Time Travel~

Challenge Question:

If you were forced to go back in time, but were allowed to take 10 modern conveniences with you, what year would you go back to and what would you take?

I am torn because I have two times that I would like to go back to but I don't necessarily favor one over the other. I would like to travel back in time to either 1920's or back to 1685 when my Mendenhall ancestors came to America. I would love to see how they lived, see what their families looked liked, see what their everyday lives were like! :) 

10 modern conveniences I would take: (no particular order)

~Toilet paper
~Toilet (no outhouses for me!)
~Disposable diapers (I have a 2 year old)
~Air conditioning
~Modern day music
~My pillow 

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