Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait- Hester Ann Mendenhall

Happy Wednesday!

Today's Portrait-

Hester Ann Mendenhall
b. 29 Nov 1842
d. 05 Aug 1927

I love this picture! When I first saw this picture, I instantly thought of Madame Bijoux from the 1998 movie Titanic. Madame Bijoux was a drawing that one of the main characters had done-- here is what it looked like: 

Obviously it's not an exact and they don't even look similar, but the way that Hester presents herself- I just love the similarity that I can see! 

How Hester is related to me- 6th cousin, 5x removed

Carrie Jeckering Smith (Me)
My parents
Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
Earl Dwight Mendenhall (1894-1972)
Marion R. Mendenhall (1873-1948)
Richard Mendenhall (1852-1924)
Aaron Mendenhall (1828-1894)
Richard Mendenhall (1794-1871)
Joseph Mendenhall (1770-1833)
Richard Mendenhall (1737-1773)
Mordecai Mendenhall (1713-1803)
John Mendenhall Jr. (1688-1765) (my 9th great grandfather)
Aaron Mendenhall (1690-1765) (John's brother)
James Joseph Mendenhall (1718-1782)
Elijah Mendenhall (1749-1781)
Daniel Mendenhall (1775-1817)
Elijah Mendenhall (1797-1875)
Daniel Mendenhall (1819-1873)
Hester Ann Mendenhall

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