Thursday, September 25, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks- Week 20

Robert de Mildenhall - my 22nd great grand uncle

b. 1302 in Wiltshire, England
d. Unknown

Parents: Sir John de Mildenhall (b.1270) and unknown mother.

Siblings: Thomas de Mildenhall (b. 1300)- my 22 great grandfather

Robert held an interesting life!


University of Cambridge in England:

Robert received his doctorate in Divinity- licensed by a university to teach Christian theology or related religious subjects.

From 1334-1335, he was the chancellor of the University of Cambridge-- (List of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge)

By 1341, Robert was working for the kind of England as the Keeper of the Jewels. How he received this job is beyond me. In 1341, he was directed by the king to deliver two chests of ornaments to be taken to Calais for the service of the chapel on the ensuing Feast of Easter.

In 1347, the King issued a warrant for the delivery of 200 bows and 400 quivers of arrows to Robert, who was now serving as Chaplain of the King. These arrows were for service of the French War.

In 1351, the King issued a warrant for 440 quivers of arrows for service at the tower. 

Robert wasn't the first Mildenhall (Mendenhall) to serve the King of England. His father- Sir John de Mildenhall accompanied the King many times and eventually received bouts of land and knighthood for his services.

His brother- my 22nd great grandfather- in 1339 accompanied Queen Phillippa into France.

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