Monday, September 8, 2014

Mappy Monday- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This post was supposed to be last weeks, however, I was sick and didn't finish it- so here you go! :) 

My 9th great grandfather- John Mendenhall Jr. (1688-1765) received a land warrant on 16 Apr 1743 at the age of 54 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received 1000 acres. I wish I knew exactly where this land was, but I suppose I would have to travel to Philadelphia myself and do more research.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. It has 1.548 million people living there (2012). 

European colonization began in 1609 when a Dutch expedition led by Henry Hudson first entered the area. The first English settlement occurred in 1642 when 50 puritan families from New Haven Colony of Connecticut established land near the Schuylkill River. But it wasn't until William Penn came from England- given the Pennsylvania land from the King of England that it really grew. 

Philadelphia grew from a few hundred inhabitants in 1683 to over 2500 in 1701. 

At the time when my ancestor was living in/near Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin was in Philadelphia with his printing press.

Things to see in Philadelphia- 

~Philadelphia Museum of Art
~Liberty Bell
~Independence Hall
~Independence National Historical Park
~Philadelphia Zoo
~Benjamin Franklin Parkway

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