Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait- George B. Jackering

Today's Portrait: George Benedict "Peg" Jackering

b. 14 Jan 1922 in Cassville, Wisconsin
d. 21 Aug 1999 in Ellenboro, Grant, Wisconsin


I don't know the date of this photo- but I'm assuming it was WWII era-- 1940s.... It's a handsome photo nonetheless :)

How I'm related to George: 5th cousin, 3x removed

Carrie Jeckering Smith (me)
My Parents
Paul George Jeckering & Dorothy Jean Hendricks
Gerhard Cletus Jeckering & Josephine Mary Dabuliewciz
Joseph Herman Jeckering & Rose A. Horn
Gerhard J. Jeckering & Maria E. Kluneman
Johannes Jeckering & Euphemia Margaretha Ketteler
Johann Otto Jeckering & Anna Catherina Lobker
Gerhard Jeckering & Martha Roling
Gerhard Jeckering & Susanna Hemelt
Gerhard was my 7th great grandfather-- he also had a son:
Bernard Jeckering -- Bernard married Anna Mollering
Gerhard Jeckering & Maria Adleheid Welling
Johann Gerhard Jeckering & Elenora Wessels
Gerhard Bernhard "George" Jackering & Mary Ann Bucher
George John Jackering & Lena Schauff
George B Jackering

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