Saturday, September 20, 2014

Surname Saturday- Pierron

Today's Surname:  Pierron

My 3rd great grandmother was Margaret Frances Pierron. She was born on 16 Oct 1851 in Darke County, Ohio and died on 19 Aug 1923 in Greenville, Ohio. She married Richard Mendenhall (1852-1924) in 1872.

Richard and Margaret (Pierron) Mendenhall 

Margaret's parents were Nicholas Joseph Pierron (1819-1896) & Ann Marguerite Grilliot (1821-1902). They emigrated from Lorraine, France in 1839.

Pierron: and House of

Meaning- descendant of Pierre (rock).

Pierron is from the Languedoc region of southern France, it came from the ancient Greek personal name Petros and the Biblical name Peter, meaning rock.

Spelling variations:  Pierre, Pierres, De Pierre, De Pierres, Pyerre, Pyerres, De Pyerre, De Pyerres, Lapierre, Lapierres, La Pierre, La Pierres, Lanpher, Lanphier and many more!

There are 326 people on the All U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s-- but only 12 are spelled the way my 3rd great grandmother spelled it:

Name                                 birth year               arrival year                     arrival place

Peter Pierron                     NA                          NA                                 Wisconsin

Pierron                              NA                          1721                                New Orleans, Louisiana

Joseph Pierron                  1793                         1839                              Port uncertain

Marie Pierron                    1793                         1839                              Port uncertain

Ludwig Pierron                 1807                         1840                              New York, New York

Louis Pierron                    1808                         1841                              Missouri

J.N. Pierron                       NA                           1809-1952                     Ohio

Pierron                               1818                         1848                               New Orleans, Louisiana

Charles Pierron                  1819                         1841                              America

Nicholas Pierron                1820                         1839                              Port uncertain (my ancestor)

Adelaide Pierron                1833                         1839                             Port uncertain

Edwin Pierron                     NA                         1869                              America


There are a surprising 271 results with the last name Pierron.

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