Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One Person at a Time...Antoinette

~Even though I have a lot of people in my family tree, I also have a lot of "holes" that need more research. Over the next few months, I am going to attempt to patch up those holes by doing research one person at a time- starting at the beginning of the list~

Today's name: Antoinette

Before Research:
Antoinette L. was born in June 1920 and died in June 2001. She married Walter A. Dabuliewicz (1918-1995)- my great grand uncle.

After Research:
Antoinette LeBlanc was born on 26 Jun 1929 in Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts and died on 28 Jun 2001 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. She was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery in Gardner, Massachusetts. Her parents were Albert LeBlanc (1889-1972) & Marie Louise Duteau (1893-1948). Albert was born in Canada.
Antoinette had 4 siblings- 
Raymond (b. 1919)
Elaine (Claire) (b. 1922)
Gerard (b. 1923)
Rita (b. 1925)

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