Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One Person at a Time....Charlotte

~Even though I have a lot of people in my family tree, I also have a lot of "holes" that need more research. Over the next few months, I am going to attempt to patch up those holes by doing research one person at a time- starting at the beginning of the list~

Today's Name: Charlotte 

I had 2 women in my tree with the name "Charlotte" who needed more research:

#1: Charlotte
Before Research:
Charlotte was born about 1817. She married William Mildenhall (b. 1813)- my 10th cousin, 8x removed.

After Research:
Charlotte Seymour was born in 1817 in Buckland, Berkshire, England and died in 1906 in Newchurch, England. She married William Mildenhall (1813-1887) and they had 4 children: 
Hannah (b. 1837)
Mary (b. 1840)
Betsy (b. 1844)
George (b. 1848)

#2: Charlotte 
Before Research:
Charlotte- unknown birth and death date(s). She married Charles Andersen and they had at least 1 daughter- Augusta M. Andersen (1908-1995). Augusta married Fred Joseph Mendenhall (1907-1971)- my 5th cousin, 4x removed.

After Research:
Charlotte was this woman's middle name...her full name was Amelia Charlotte Wilhelmina Olson. She was born on 17 Apr 1868 in Copenhagen, Denmark and died on 17 May 1948 in Los Angeles, California. 

Charlotte- 1 month before she died on her 80th birthday- April 1948

Charlotte's parents were Sven Olson (1806-1913) & Bendicata Lardatter (1837-1884). She had 5 siblings: 
Anna August (b. 1864)
Ole (b. 1864)
Peter Lauritz (b. 1866)
Henrietta (b. 1877)
Johan "John" (b. 1881)

Charlotte married Charles Christian Andersen (1863-1955) in 1891 at the age of 23. 

They had 10 children:
Betty Tamar (1892-1976)
David (b. 1893)
Walter Carl (1895-1956)
Herman Hjamar (1897-1974)
Margaret F. (b. 1897)
Harold Viggo Harley (b. 1900)
Esther Bendicta (1901-1988)
Iner Theodore (1904-1970)
Agnes Dorothy (1906-1988)
Augusta M. (1908-1995)

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