Monday, September 15, 2014

Mappy Monday- Armagh, Ireland

My 9th great grandfather- John Mendenhall Jr (1688-1765) married Susanna Pierson (1687-1765). Susanna was born in East Cain, Chester, Pennsylvania.
Her parents were:
Thomas Pierson (1653-1722) - born in Bristol, England
Rose Dixon (1661-1722) - born in Armagh, Northern Ireland

Armagh, Northern Ireland

Armagh means "Macha's Height". It is a medium-sized town and was given city status in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth. It's population is 14,590 (2001).

Some sites to see in Armagh: 


Saint Patricks Cathedral (Church of Ireland)

Founded in Armagh in 445AD- present building dates from 1268 and was last restored in 1834.

Saint Patricks Cathedral (Catholic)

This church was started on 17 March 1840 and took over 60 years to complete! IT was completed on 24th July 1904.

Armagh Planetarium

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